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Our Personal Training Clients achieve amazing results!  In fact we guarantee it!!


If you are ready to improve your health, regain youthful energy, feel great and look fantastic then we have solutions.  You have goals - it may be to gain strength for everyday life, compete in a fun run or obstacle course,  compete in bodybuilding or powerlifting, improve your general fitness, change your body composition, complete a bucket-list endurance event, join a sporting team after a big break, prevent disease and injury or rehabilitate an injury.  Whatever it is, we can put a strategy in place to get you there!  You may want the push and guidance of a trainer or you may be new to fitness and gyms and in that case we would recommend a minimum 6-week personal training package to set the foundation for your training program.  You will learn and become proficient in good movement patterns and safe techniques as well as utilizing great training tools that will keep you interested and motivated.


Based out of GLEBE PARK FITNESS located in the CBD, our personal trainers are ready to facilitate the change you desire!


We also offer group personal training for groups of 2, 3 and 4.  Training with a partner, colleague or friendship group is a great way to achieve your goals - you'll keep each other accountable, progress and push each other and have a lot of laughs along the way!


Contact us today to find out how to get started.


All our Packages come with a complete 100% Money Back Guarantee. 


“Thank you for the improvements in my physical state brought largely by your strength and conditioning sessions.  Yesterday, hubby and I had to 'clean and jerk' the outdoor table (large, heavy) over a pool fence.  I did it!! Hubby was impressed.  Definitely couldn't have done that a while back.

Even with all the lifting and carrying yesterday (moving house), I am not having bad issues today.  Neck still stiff but no nerve pain.”

Nerida G. - April 2019, started training with Dee in 2015 following a mountain bike accident

“Thanks for the session this morning.  Love your style.  While I'm chubbier and less mobile, I feel as good at 51 as I did at 17.  You may have added 30 years to my life.  Just wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of your work." 

Guy A. - April 2019, member since 2014, has lost 30kg and regained his outlook on life!

“ are brilliant at your job.  If you can get ME coming to the gym and enjoying it (and I DO!) then you can do anything!  Seriously!” 

Roslyn I - April 2019 Client since 2016, has in the past struggled with motivation and a dislike of exercise